Saturday, December 10, 2016

Unnatural trail, part one

Almost every time I post pictures like this...
or this...
or even this...
someone is sure to ask a question like this.
I live in Aurora, which is  a suburb of Denver but also a city in its own right. In fact, with a population of approximately three hundred and fifty thousand people, Aurora is the third biggest city in Colorado.
Kenlyn Stables is also located in Aurora, but it backs up to a long, narrow strip of open space land.
Our rides are a mix of urban, suburban and rural. For every eagle sighting and mountain vista there's an equal number of trashcans, 
and graffiti!
It's a short city ride from the barn to the trail. One side of the street is golf course. 
The other has an RV and boat storage lot, as well as a couple homes.
Laundry day is our favorite.
Trash day is not!
The horses mostly don't mind the golf course.
However, sometimes the porta potty is a problem. None of the horses like the smell, but it's a bad day for everyone when a human randomly exits as we're passing by.
It's an even worse day when the porta potty is being serviced.
You're such a brave girl, Sprite!
The area just past the golf course feels remote and is home to most of the wildlife we see. It's also part of the flyover area for nearby Buckley Air Force base.
It's not unusual to have entire squadrons of jets...
and helicopters flying low over our heads. Amazingly, the horses don't mind this at all. They get used to it quickly, living at Kenlyn.
These trails are closed to motorized vehicles, except, of course, those belonging to the city of Aurora. These are a common site.
Last year, the city rebuilt a large section of trail. During that time, it was nearly impossible to go on a ride without encountering at least one bulldozer. This made for some pretty interesting moments. I don't miss those days at all!
This was one of those "interesting" moments. Poor Santana. It's the only time I've ever seen him lose his cool.
Stay tuned for part two, where I will share more of my favorite and not-so-favorite "unnatural" trail obstacles!

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  1. *Squee*!! OMGosh! Jennifer--bwahahaha! I *almost* squirted my COKE through my nose when I read this today and saw my comment posted within the body of your blog!! I also turned a few heads in MY direction when I squeaked out "OMGosh-she posted my comment!" Gotta few looks -like "what's wrong with you,lady??"! Hey! I don't know whether I should be *proud* or slightly embarrassed! (*Definitely* TICKLED, tho!) Hey--who knew that was the most commonly asked question??!!COOL! I'm still slightly envious that at least you get to go horseback riding anytime the mood strikes you--I think our nearest riding stable is 1 hour and 1/2 way and I believe they're seasonal too. (No winter rides!)
    Altho this time you gave us a "tour" of your neighborhood/backyard,etc. -it ain't too many of us that get views like you do! Forgot to mention that the rest of the "wildlife" in our city consists of the occasional red fox (there was a sighting on our downtown Capitol front steps) coyote, opossum and raccoon! At the complex where I live, we used to have cottontail rabbits living in the bases of trees and people's porches -until the trees got diseased and they cut them down! We do have(or had) a web cam watching a pair of nesting Peregrine Falcons-so see??
    I hope you and your friend Carol had a safe trip to my home state! Maybe the next time you travel in this direction, you could visit our capital city and we could meet up (with some local collectors) and we could show you our sights (that graffiti is TAME!!) & wildlife!!