Saturday, December 1, 2012

Old/new tack

Earlier this week, I did something I've never done before--I purchased one of my own saddles.
This isn't something I would usually consider doing, but this saddle came with an older doll dressed by the my very talented friend, Jane Schneider.
Also, the price tag for this set was ridiculously inexpensive.  So inexpensive, in fact, that I almost felt guilty for not paying more.  Almost.  After all, had the seller bothered to peek under the flap, she could have easily identified the saddle's maker and commanded a much better price.
Even though this set is nearly seven years old, I have some very specific memories regarding its creation.  The tack and doll were commissioned by the same person and were intended to be used on a British type hunter.  In addition to making the saddle, I am also responsible for the doll's boots!
On the whole, I think this set has stood the test of time rather nicely.  There are a few things I do better now, but there is nothing here that I find embarrassing.
Probably I shouldn't admit this, but I am inordinately pleased with my old/new tack and am so glad to have added these pieces to my permanent collection!


  1. Beautiful! I see why you were so excited about this set, and why Tiffany was so jealous!!! : )

  2. I've bought back tack a few times. It gives you chances you wouldn't otherwise get, to assess ageing and wear and strength issues. And it's just plain satisfying, sometimes, to welcome them home.

  3. I'm not as pleased with the doll's jacket as I am with my newer things except that I believe it's removeable and the vest underneath turned out well.. It was a sort of portrait set: the doll needed a plaid coat and the helmet is navy blue.

    It IS good to see old things again:-)