Friday, December 14, 2012

Breyer Fun Day... not so fun

Yesterday, Dover Saddlery in Parker, Colorado hosted a Breyer Fun Day party.
The event was scheduled to run from four until seven, and had it been up to me, we would have no trouble getting there on time.  However, there were two other people in my party and they were not as organized.  One thing led to another and it was nearly five thirty before we arrived at Dover.
Sadly, by that time, Breyer Fun Day had come and gone.  All that was left was a table full of cookies. 
No matter!  Even without Breyer Fun Day, Dover is a nice place to be.  We did a little Christmas shopping...
and someone had to sit on the saddles!
I told Carol and James that this was a leadline saddle, so naturally they had to act out a leadline class... 
We were seriously tempted by the stuffed dogs and Model Horse Jumps... 
but in the end, all we came home with was a Rachel Alexandra button and some very cool cookie cutters. 
Thinking back on it, I guess Breyer Fun Day was kind of fun, just not in the way we'd expected!


  1. I should have hung around just a little longer!!! Darn!! I left around 5:15.. I did snag one of the newish Eberl ponies, though :-)

  2. Oh, I am so sad I missed you! Will you be at Sheila's party tomorrow? I sure hope so.


  3. Certainly a different shopping experience than when we were there! :D

    Sorry that it ended soon, that is not fun....

    See ya tomorrow!!!

  4. See you tomorrow unless it snows!

  5. Not being the most punctual of people, I'm afraid that I, too, have arrived halfway through events scheduled to run from X - Y only to discover that it was more like X - X:20 and everything/everyone is gone... BOO!! :-( I hate that!

    I'm glad you were able to swallow your disappointment and still have fun in the store. Heaven knows I could get lost for hours in a Dover store. If my local tack shop wasn't populated with salespeople who get snotty when you don't buy anything (or much of anything), I'd do that here more often. Alas... They're not ALL bad, but the last one I encountered has left me not wanting to set foot in the place! Not EVERYONE who rides or loves horses is RICH, I'm sorry!

  6. I am chronically five minutes early to everything, so this was sort of an unusual experience for me. Wish we could have got moving a bit sooner, but as noted, we still had fun.

    The staff at Dover does not have a problem with browsers. If anything, they're more likely to ignore customers who want assistance than nag at people who just want to touch and dream!

    (And in their defense, if you ask for assistance, you do get it. You just can't expect it to come to you!)