Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday cookies

Later today, Sheila Bishop is hosting a holiday party and open house for all her model horse hobby friends.  Party goers were asked to bring a Christmas ornament and a Mexican dish.

Well, I did manage to select an appropriate ornament.  However, as soon as I saw those cute cookie cutters at Dover, I knew my "Mexican dish" was going to be...  horse shaped.
Actually, they're horse and rider shaped. 
And, of course, I had to include a couple portrait models.
This is cookie Flick
 And this...
 is cookie Twist!
I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Sheila's boys in person... 
but Facebook provided me with enough information to create cookie Butch and Sundance! 
Eventually, I moved from portrait models to artist's choice.  This is Cookie Appy (note the custom angry ears), 
cookie dressage (with rider), 
 and blue and red roans.
Not surprisingly, the boys were part of my cookie party.
I put them in charge of decorating the riders...
 and everything was going smoothly until Seth joined in.
After that, things took a turn to the silly side!
This is Seth with his "Fancy Pants" rider. 
A better look. 
Another one of Seth's creations.
We all laughed so hard our stomachs were hurting!
Ryan and James each decorated one horse.  This is Ryan's version of Blue Mustang...
and this is James' psychedelic zebra. 
Just another Friday night at the Buxton house...
Who knew that decorating cookies could be so much fun?  I think custom cookies should be the theme of next year's holiday hobby party!


  1. Reading this really brightened my glum homework day! Thank you for the fun post and the cookies look awesome!

  2. Love this post and your creative, fun family!!

  3. Very cute! What recipe did you use? It looks as if your cookies did not puff up so much that they lost the crisp edges created by the cookie cutters. That's the problem I always seem to have no matter what recipe I use.

  4. I used the recipe which was printed on the back of the cookie cutter package. Because some of the measurements were a bit vague (the oven temperature listed was 350-400), it took me a while to get things just right. It was worth the effort, though. The cookies tasted nearly as good as they looked. If you like I could send you a copy of the adjusted recipe.

  5. yes, that would be super. I will email you shortly with my email address. That's too funny, an oven temp of 350-400? Quite a range! Like saying "Oh, on this road the speed limit is anywhere from 40 to 90. Have a nice trip!" :)

  6. The "blue roan" came home with us. But the bright blue chaps--and no shirt!--was a little bit of an attention getter.

  7. To be fair, it was obvious that the cookie cutters were not intended for an American audience. The recipe was printed in three languages, and the English version included several misspellings and some odd grammar. It had Google Translate written all over it!

    The no shirt comment is funny because no one in my family paid any attention to that. We were far more disturbed by the riders' lack of arms!

  8. LOL, I didn't even notice the riders had no arms! I guess they're supposed to be attached to their sides..

    Yep, cookie decorating is indeed fun. I think I need to do some with my kiddies this coming weekend. :-) Wish I had horse and rider cutters, though!

  9. They were really yummy too :) I have yet to eat the Flick cookie though.

    And yes, your sons decorated shirtless equestrians!

  10. Too Cute!