Monday, December 17, 2012

Paloose-a-Party and Paloose-Arts studio tour

The final event on the 2012 Colorado model horse calendar wasn't a show but a party.  Last Saturday, we gathered together at Sheila and Charlie's beautiful house in Johnstown, Colorado to eat, drink, be merry and talk about model horses.
 As soon as everyone had arrived, we followed Zombie up the stairs...
and into Sheila's studio. 
I always enjoy seeing other artists' work areas, and Sheila's is one of the best I've come across.  
Although small in size, it's bright and clean with lots of storage and two separate work tables.
Best of all, there's even a spot for the studio cats!
Sheila is more than just a finishwork artist.  She also sculpts and casts resins, so our next stop was the resin cleaning station in the basement.
It's not as fancy as the painting stuido, but it's filled with plenty of things...
that make my heart go pitter-pat. 
The casting room is also located in the basement. 
This space is equal parts chemistry lab... 
and work shop.
This room is also home to Sheila's line of Christmas ornaments...
and samples of all the resins she and Charlie have produced.
While we were there, Sheila mixed up some resin and we all got to make an ornament.
Charlie answered our questions about resin casting and de-molded a Brio Sambra for us.
Eventually, we headed back upstairs where we met the snakes (!)...
and exchanged Christmas ornaments.
I was the lucky winner of Sheila's hand painted Draft Palorseament.  So beautiful!
This was such a fun--and informative--day.  Huge thanks to Sheila and Charlie!


  1. Best part of the weekend :)

  2. An excellent party! Thank you Jennifer for documenting it!

  3. Wow - you guys have the best parties! Really enjoy the peeks into the studios of the artists and tackmakers that I admire in the hobby!

  4. Looks like a wonderful time! Any names to go with the faces?

  5. Other regions may be more competitive, but it's hard to beat the Colorado group when it comes to sheer niceness and parties!

    Laurel--I usually try to name names, but somehow everyone in this post except Charlie stayed anonymous! In the painting studio photo, Sheila is the one with the long dark hair standing behind the work desk. Casting room photos include Fabian Rodriguez, Regan O' Keefe, Jane Schneider, Sheila and Charlie. The snake photo features Charlie and Jane, and Yashka Hallein is the crazy lady opening her Christmas ornament with a snake in her arms! Teresa Buzzell was also in attendance, but managed (mostly) to hide from my camera lens. There were also a few non-hobbyists.

  6. The ball python and the boa are gorgeous (I'm as much a reptile (snake) enthusiast as I am a model horse nut!)


  7. Thanks for the names! It's nice to put faces with names.... :-)