Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Saddle snakes?

I have a confession to make:  When I say that I love animals, what I really mean is that I love mammals.   Warm fuzzy bodies give me warm fuzzy feelings in a way that scales and feathers do not.  While I don't actively dislike birds, fish and reptiles, I'm not particularly drawn to them either.

Another confession:  I'm not a big fan of snakes.  I'm not irrational about it, but I can't say that I was delighted when the Paloose-a-Party moved into the snake room.
Because I wanted to avoid the really big snake...
I found a spot in the corner with Jane Schneider and the little snake, Eden.  
As we hung out and talked, I started to feel more and more comfortable around the snakes.  Inspired by little Russell O'Keefe's bravery...
I even found myself posing solo with Crusher! 
It's safe to say that snake ownership is not in my future.  That said, I'd be happy to spend more time with Eden and Crusher.  And...  it has occurred to me that snakes might be the best saddle critters of all.  After all, I'm pretty sure Crusher could wear every single saddle in my collection all at the same time.  Wouldn't that be awesome?


  1. Those are gorgeous snakes. I love snakes, particularly the Ball Pythons. Sheila has some very nice specimens. Very nice.

  2. Snakes don't give me the warm and fuzzies either. I don't squeal at them, but I don't exactly want to cuddle.

  3. This was a first-time snake experience for me. When I was small I had nightmares about them but now, I might be able to cuddle them more..

  4. I think I'd be ok with them (even crusher!.)it's not Pythons that bother me it's the poisonous one that I don't like ,you know like rattle snakes and cottonmouths there are LOTs where I live.

  5. I've got a wee corn snake and am getting a ball python hatchling at the end of the month. It's hard to be scared of them when you watch them grow up. My corn lived in a deli cup when I first got him and could barely wrap around my wrist. Now, he's over three feet long and still growing.

  6. I don't have much of a problem with PET snakes at all - I have happily handled pythons and corn snakes and hognose snakes and what have you, the "safe" and well-tamed variety. Now, the venomous kind... no thank you. I'll admire their beauty but run away screaming.

    The mental image of a row of saddles lined up on a python has me chuckling. :-)

  7. I salute you Jennifer, for your bravery. Not everyone can take a deep breath and try something like that. I'm a reptile lover myself so I've got no reservations but I still understand much of the world's population fears these (often)
    misunderstood creatures.

    Kirsten L

  8. Okay...so now you have set yourself up for a picture with the snake wearing several of your saddles. Just saying...