Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Almost wordless... week?

Several weeks ago, I received a summons to attend jury duty.  I didn't mind.  I fully expected it to be a one day commitment, a sort of interesting diversion from my daily routine.

I was wrong.  

Obviously, I can't discuss specifics, but it's safe to say that the next week will be extremely busy.  I don't anticipate having much time for tackmaking or blogging so expect lots of "almost wordless" posts.  Fortunately, my recent trip to Chicago has left me with lots and lots of pictures!

Today's photos were taken during my visit with Karen Beeson.  They show parts of her work area as well as most of her spectacular collection.  Enjoy! 


  1. The models are ABSOLUTELY drool-worthy and totally amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    But what's funny is the last photo caught my eye, (to me) that puppy looks so forlorn and left out of all the fun....

  2. Don't worry, Evelyn! Louie was actually very happy to meet Jennifer and Tiffany. At this point, he was probably worn out from all the fun. Jennifer took this photo later in the evening when we were chatting, and because Louie sat on that chair, I had to sit on the floor - lol!

  3. Poor Louie. He really, really did not want me to take his picture, but he looked so cute sitting on the chair with his head propped up on all the pillows... I just couldn't resist!

    Somehow I managed to forget to take pictures of the cute ratties and super cute kids. Too much talking, I guess!


  4. Sorry about getting picked for a trial... They love SAHM like you! Hopefully it will be an interesting one.

  5. The only time I was called for jury duty it turned out yo be a murder trial. not a lot of fun, but very interesting two weeks. I hope your experience is at least as good.

  6. We're almost to the half way point of the trial, and I can definitely say that this has been a very interesting experience. It's not one I want to repeat any time soon, and I do wish it wasn't such a marathon. Still, I can't complain too much--at least not yet. We'll see how things go when it comes to the deliberations!

  7. Those models are amazing!