Friday, December 28, 2012

Smart Rat Olena

It's been a year since Nutmeg joined our family, and in that time she's become really... fat.   
It's obvious this rat needs more exercise, so we decided to introduce her to the exciting sport of cutting.  Training started with a single cow.
Once she got over her initial fear...
 we saddled her up...
and sent her into the herd.
Nutmeg separated one cow from the group...
and worked it like a pro.  
All hail the natural born cow-rat!
Nutmeg may be a fat girl, but she's done a masterful job of filling Basil's shoes.  Here's hoping for another year of wonderful, ratty photo shoots!


  1. Smart Rat Olena!!! it!!!

  2. Really like the second one up from the bottom! Great show photo, that one ;)

  3. She is soo cute! That first pic is adorable!

  4. I'm screaming!!!!! Love this! What a talented little rattie girl!

  5. Awesome, just AWESOME :)

  6. ha ha ha! as both a horse lover and a rat lover, this post totally cracked me up :)

  7. I love her saddle! ( and your cows) the one of the cow dodging her looks almost real!