Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend recap

Well, that was way too much fun.

I could--and probably will--write a week's worth of posts about my weekend trip to Chicago. Today, however, I'm going to keep it short.

I arrived in Chicago midday Friday.  Tiffany picked me up at the airport and we went straight to Karen Beeson's house  for a visit...
and studio tour.
We ate a tasty dinner at Giordano's, we headed to Elgin where we spent the night.  The next morning we rolled out of bed and headed to Huntley where we attended the Great Lakes Congress No Frills December show and holiday party.  I showed one new model..
and one old model...
with great success in both the halter and performance divisions. 
After the show, we got back in the car and headed to the Congress Plaza Hotel in downtown Chicago.
Our room was on the eighth floor and we had a wonderful view of the lake. 
We freshened up and hit the streets (and the stores).
Not surprisingly, we found a few horses along the way!
We slept in Sunday morning, but still had time to do some exploring before I headed back to the airport.
Everything about this trip was exceptional--the weather, the food, the city, the horses and especially the time spent with friends.  Happy birthday, Tiffany!  Can we do it again next year?


  1. Model Trillium is CUUUUTE!

    And did your KC get new clothes!?!?! Great to see him back in action too :)

  2. Model Trillium's official name is Princess Trillium and she is so stinking cute. She's definitely going to be my next all around performance horse.

    There will be (lots) more show photos to follow but Hot Summer Knight(the Knightly Cadence) is wearing a mix of old and new tack. The bridle is old. I made it for my Valentino the one time I showed him in performance. The saddle is one from the last group and the girth is one of Tiffany's. He's being ridden by my new Joan Yount doll.

    Unfortunately, Knight didn't come home with me. He had a good show, but once again, he has paint damage. Ugh! Most fragile horse ever.

  3. Princess Buttercup's smart sister--Princess Trillium!

  4. Wowza, looks like you just set your ponies on the prize table! Congratulations! And Princess Trillium is beautiful!

  5. And you know that I already have a palomino pony named Princess Buttercup, right? That one is braided is all decked out with braids and pink bows, and believe it or not, I commissioned her before I ever met Tiffany.

  6. Of course we can do it next year! Can't wait to come out west to your show!

  7. No, I'll keep track of the crazy Portuguese names, you can keep track of all your pretty palomino ponies. I remember Poka Tia. :-)

    Maybe they're adopted sisters?

  8. I LOVED our visit!!!! I'm looking forward to a second round, and hoping we will be able to get together again soon! I'm so glad you planned the special visit to my house on Friday. Even if I had signed up for the show I would not have made it. After you left, I went to bed, and hardly left until today, because I was totally knocked out with this cold/flu thing.

  9. Oh I'm so jealous! You lucky girls - looks like you had a blast! Looking forward to more pictures. Hope you're better now Karen!

  10. oh, by new clothes, I meant new paint/clothes as I could have sworn he was another color...