Saturday, December 29, 2012

A horse around the house

When I was a kid, one of my favorite nonfiction horse books was Patricia Jacobson and Marcia Hayes' A Horse Around the House.
The cover describes this as "The Horse-lover's Guide to Selecting,
Caring for,
and Getting Along with Every Kind of Horse Anywhere at Minimum Cost."
That might be overselling, but there's no doubt this book combines a lot of solid, practical information with Pat Kelly's delightful illustrations.  Even after all these years, I am happy to have it on my shelf. 

My best friend, Carol, recently moved into a new house with all new--and still kind of empty--shelves.  Last night the boys and I joined her for dinner.
We didn't arrive empty handed.  We brought housewarming gifts...
for both Nate... 
and Carol.
Carol is not a horse person, per se, but I think she was pleased with her gift.  
After all, doesn't everyone need A Horse Around the House? 


  1. YES, everyone needs some sort of horse around the house :) I found that book in a thrift store a few years ago and added it to my shelves...will probably never own a horse but love studying the book just the same.

  2. I may have to trade my basket collection for more horses!

  3. Baskets are nice but horses are better.

  4. Exactly, horses are much better than baskets!