Saturday, May 14, 2022

The graduate

I started this blog in 2008. My son, Ryan, was eight years old. This is the first picture I ever posted of him.

In the years since then, I have shared hundreds of Ryan photos.
There have been pictures with horses,
pictures with baby horses,
pictures with horse masks...
pictures with horses and Pokemons...
and pictures with horses and swords.
There have also been pictures of Ryan at model horse shows.
This kid - who is definitely not a model horse collector - has made some notable contributions to the model horse hobby.
He was an early pioneer in the area of 3D printed props...
and he wrote the hobby's first judging app, first for the 2016 Jennifer Show...
He has grown up on the pages of this blog. 
He has grown up as part of the model horse community.
It's hard for me to believe, but this kid - my kid - isn't a kid at all anymore.
Today, he graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a degree in Computer Science.
I am so proud of him.
Congratulations, Ryan, and thank you for letting me share your life with all my hobby friends.


  1. it's funny, I've been a reader of this blog since the early 2010s and I'm the same age as Ryan. in a way, I felt like I was growing up with him too. congrats grad!

  2. Congratulations to Ryan and to Mama and Papa, too!

  3. This story is a refreshment of the spirit. Yes, thank you, both of you. Is it ok to congratulate a mother on being a mom?!?