Sunday, May 15, 2022

Weekend Showcase: Elizabeth Bouras

Elizabeth Bouras was best known for her amazing greys, but really, she could paint everything. This post showcases some of her non-greys, including one very special Appaloosa at the end. 
owned by Jackie Rossi: His name is Aneurin. It's Welsh for honor.
owned by Heather Kapica
owned by Heather Kapica
Elizablitz owned by Christie Richardson
Doro owned by Christie Richardson: a birthday present
Afzal owned by Christie Richardson: My first commission from Liz and my first horse to win a ribbon at NAN 
owned by Judy Ulmer
owned by Sharon Klein: My beautiful Amarna Arabian Stallion created by Liz and Judy that I bought from Liz back in 1993
owned by Jennifer Al-Beik: My Amarna Fjord - my first intro to Liz and most cherished piece by her. I’ve owned him for nearly 30 years
Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig resin painted in 2017
Northern Shore, Edwin Bogucki Chances Are resin painted in 2001
Gideon Stargrave Animal Artistry Hackney, 2001 NAN Top Ten Carriage Breed owned by Paula O'Keefe
Kristina Lucas-Francis Bruno resin painted 2002
Ed and Kathi Bogucki Bask resin painted in 2016
Laura Skillern Tessa-Gail resin painted in 2014
Katya Elp Gizma resin painted in 2017
Liz's 2017 NaMoPaiMo horse: I participated this month in the NaMoPaiMo - National Model Painting Month. As a challenge, I pushed myself to do something I usually try to avoid due to my "fear of spots" and painted this Valegro to a bay loud leopard Appaloosa marked Knabstrupper. I tried out some new techniques and made some real progress outside my comfort zone (LOL dappled grey!).

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