Saturday, May 28, 2022


 Despite owning a horse with two brands, my friend, Fabian has a severe case of brand phobia.

Of course, this means I am contractually obliged to tag him in all my brand photos.
And it's not just me.
Half the hobby does the same thing.
This is true friendship.
But here's the thing. I now own a horse with a really cool brand.
I love it.
When I post pictures of this brand, it's an Olive thing, not a Fabian thing. 
If I don't tag him, you don't need to.
Now it goes without staying that any and all other brands are fair game.
But from here on in, I am marking Fabian safe from being unnecessarily exposed to Olive's brand.


  1. I have a mustang as well and I’ve always loved her brand too! It tells their story and it’s part of their history ❤️ So I definitely understand your love for Olive’s brand!

  2. I’m with Fabian! I’m okay with the occasional butt-brand on a cowpony, and Lipizzan brands are traditional. But nowhere else, please! Especially no brands on Thoroughbreds! ­čśë

    1. I like brands on horses that should have them. That includes cowponies, Warmbloods, Iberian horses, etc. While I've known a couple branded Thoroughbreds, I agree that's not my favorite.