Sunday, May 15, 2022

Weekend Showcase: Elizabeth Bouras

It would be impossible to showcase the depth and breadth of Elizabeth Bouras' talent in a single post. I'm not even going to try. Instead, I'm breaking things up into more manageable groupings. This first post is all about Elizabeth's signature color, grey, and features models from the second half of her customizing career. Thank you to everyone who contributed photos.

owned by Marianna Stepniewski

owned by Linda Peacock
owned by Karin Hullatti
owned by Jennifer O'Shea: This is a portrait of my boy, Pablo, done in 2015
owned by Jennifer Lambert
owned by Jackie Rossi
owned by Edna Bush
formerly owned by Danielle Miller: My beautiful Piroshka. Liz took her on as a custom order for me and completely nailed all the reference photos I sent her. She is now in a great home where she is still very cherished.
Ibn Saracen owned by Christie Richardson
 Winston owned by Christie Richardson: My first Liz horse
Cymru Cablîr owned by Christie Richardson
Obscured by Clouds owned by Chris Wallbruch
Versace owned by Chris Wallbruch
Amarna Silver Dream owned by Christie Richardson, NAN Champion and 2015 Best Customs Contest finalist in Finishwork
CollectA Hanoverian owned by Teresa Fedak painted in 2015
mini Alborozo painted in 2020
Sarah Rose Hairy Oberon resin painted in 2015 as a donation for Meows and Minis
Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig Dartanian resin painted in 2017
Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig Peanut resin painted in 2017
Edwin Bogucki Aashiq resin