Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Peep show

I posted the results of our most recent Peep eating challenge on Facebook, and almost immediately, my barn friends started speculating on whether or not their horses would eat Peeps and how to make them more appealing to the equine palate. 

One thing led to another, and we were persuaded to give this another go. Our first test subject was Emily's pony, Rhino.
Rhino is an enthusiastic eater. Emily was sure he would eat the Peeps.
He did not.
JoAnna's big boy, Ernie, was next.
He inhaled his Peep and begged for more.
Mary Jo and I were delighted. After all these years, we finally found a Peep eater!
We were going to give him a second one when Ernie's brother, Stone, arrived on the scene.
We offered him the second Peep, and he hoovered it right up.
He chewed it thoughtfully.
he started...
to smile.
He smiled and smiled.
Stone has tasted Peeps and now he can't stop smiling.
Both Ernie and Stone are confirmed Peep eaters.
So maybe Peeps are horse food, if your horse is a Draft horse!

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