Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Wild Horse Loop, part three

After visiting the BLM's Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility, we drove into Rock Springs and had lunch. The weather had cleared considerably, so we decided to take the Wild Horse Loop back to Green River. 

Of course, once we reached the loop, it started snowing again.
We saw horses right away. They were far and the weather was terrible, so we stayed in the van.
As we drove on, the clouds began to lift, at least on one side of the road.
We saw some of the scenery that hadn't been visible earlier in the day.
That's the city of Rock Springs behind Piper.
The further we went, the better the views were.
As we neared Green River, we got out of the car to stretch our legs and look for mustangs.
Even with the fog, it was beautiful.
There's Green River!
There was levidence that horses frequented this area, but we didn't see a single one.
We walked and walked.
I scanned the horizon...
and took pictures of Piper.
Eventually we had to admit defeat. Our second drive through Wild Horse Loop was almost completely mustang free.
That's okay. Despite the challenging weather, we both very much enjoyed our trip to Wyoming's mustang country. I'm really glad Seth talked me into camping.

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