Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The packrat chronicles

My basement flooded and a lifetime of papers floated to the surface.

No surprise, most of them are horse related.
Or model horse related.
While some of these papers are, in fact, precious, I am trying to convince that myself that most of them can go.
The go pile includes so many tack catalogs...
and tack pictures. 
Back in the day, it was really hard to find good, clear reference photos. Now it isn't. It's kind of sad, but these need to go.
Also on the chopping block are old pictures of model horse tack pictures that I printed and kept for inspiration.
When I first got on line, I printed everything. Here's a page from the Model Horse Gallery before it went in the recycle bin.
This paper predates my internet years. It's the 1980's version of Identify Your Breyer that was sent to me by one of my first hobby friends. It was a great reference at that time, but now it's hopelessly outdated. Goodbye!
This is my personal collection list from that same era. I typed this out on an actual typewriter. I still own all but two of those horses, so I'm keeping this one, at least for now.
It's a long, slow process, but the floodwaters are beginning to recede. By the time the basement is ready for repopulation, I am hoping to have a lot less papers.


  1. Be sure to save (and cherish) that Marguerite Henry autograph!

  2. I wish I had saved some tack catalogs. I probably have a few around. But what I really miss are Miller's from the 1970s!