Saturday, May 7, 2022

Wild Horse Loop, part one

Olive comes from the Divide Basin HMA in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. 

It's a remote, rugged area, close to nothing and without good access roads. 
In a perfect world, we'd have gone anyway, but sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor. For this trip, we chose a more accessible mustang destination in Sweetwater County: the Pilot Butte World Horse Scenic Tour.
On Monday, Seth, Piper and I climbed into the van and pointed it north to Wyoming.
We picked up I-80 in Laramie and drove west.
The weather was beautiful...
and the miles passed quickly.
There was still plenty of sunshine when we arrived in Green River.
Seth set up the trailer and made grill cheese sandwiches for dinner.
We spent most of the evening outside.
It was breezy, but pleasant and warm.
When the sun went down, it got cold. We retired to the cozy confines of the trailer. I slept fitfully, my dreams filled with wild horses.
A winter storm blew in overnight. It was still warm and cozy in the trailer, and I was tempted to just stay in there.
But no. The best time to see wild horses is early in the morning, so we bundled up and headed out.
It was only a short drive to the start of the Wild Horse Loop.
The weather conditions were terrible.
Visibility was even worse.
Fortunately, the road itself was fine. We crawled along slowly, looking for horses.
To be continued...

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