Friday, March 26, 2021

Friday favorites

For the last several years of her life, Lucy lived in the White Barn.
With its arena facing sitting area, this barn is my favorite part of Kenlyn.
Despite its somewhat "rustic" appearance, this is really a nice barn. It's cool in the summer, warm in the winter and each horse has its own run.
With the exception of Santana, who prefers the field, the White Barn is home to all my favorite horses. Current occupants include Stealth, Scarlett, Thunder, Guaranteed, Delilah, Mikey and Mozelle
Perhaps the most notable feature of the White Barn is its extremely narrow center aisle. It's wide enough for a horse, but barely. Since all the runs also have gates, this area is mostly used by people.
Scarlett and Lucy's stalls faced each other, and they had a true frenemy relationship.
They liked each other, but not always.
My favorite set of Lucy and Scarlett photos were taken before I actually started riding Lucy. Mary Jo had found herself in possession of an extra large carrot and decided to see if she could recreate the famous spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp.
Lucy was enthusiastic.
This is (probably) my last Lucy post. Tomorrow, I'll be back to model horses.

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  1. Apologies not necessary. I bet that narrow aisle would never pass muster in a cavalry barn; yet it seems oddly comforting - the horses are closer together. The spaghetti scene is hilarious!