Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Hawks and omens

We had a surprise visitor during the blizzard. A young Cooper's hawk weathered the storm on the squirrel tree next to Seth's office window.

I posted his picture on Facebook, and Fabian said, "Such a good omen."
I don't know about that, but shortly after his arrival, I decided that I "needed" a casual Western bridle for a photo. Tack making has not been my friend for a while, but to my great surprise, this bridle practically made itself.
In fact, it was so easy and enjoyable, I decided to try something a little bit more complicated. Again, the bridle came together almost without effort.
In the past three days, I have completed several half finished projects, including two old commissions. One will be delivered in person. The other went to the post office today.
It's too early to say if this will be a lasting trend, but I am optimistic. Thank you, little Cooper's hawk!

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