Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The unprepable dream

Nine days into February, Heather Bullach announced that she would be teaching a five week oil painting workshop on Zoom. 

"Darn it," I thought as I read the announcement. "If it was any month but this one, I would be all over that."

And that was that until ten days ago, when Heather announced a second class. This time my schedule was open, so I signed up immediately.
As you would expect, each participant is expected to start the class with a fully prepped and primed model. I went downstairs and looked at my unpainted shelf. Nothing on there is one hundred percent ready for paint, but a few are close.
I chose this instead.
This cute little Myrtle resin was a gift from a dear friend. I love her so much, but oh, the prepping issues! All Eberls are bad, but this is truly next level. It may even be unprepable, but I am bound and determined to give it my best shot.
Yesterday was Bondo day.
I filled millions of tiny pinholes. Then I sanded and filled them again. 
Today, I concentrated on her hair.
I decided the mane and tail truly were unsalvageable, so I ground them partway down with my dremel and sculpted new hair over the top.
This is as good as I could get it in one day. There are a few areas that need to be revisited, but that's a project for tomorrow.
In the right light, she almost looks okay.
The workshop starts April 15, so that's how long I have to get her finished. Wish me luck. I think I'm going to need every minute.


  1. Very excited to see how this pony progresses!!!!

    1. I've had a very specific vision for her since the day she arrived. It's been almost eight years. I can't wait to see her finally done.

      (I hope I can pull this off...)

  2. Nothing is unprepared. I learned on old Eberl resins and anything can be salvaged! At least when time is not such an issue...