Wednesday, March 31, 2021

NaMoPaiMo showcase - Melanie Miller

If you were reading this blog in February, you are already familiar with Melanie Miller's NaMoPaiMo horse. He was featured prominently in an article about base coats and got a post of his own a week later.

He did not, however, make it into the final collage.
That happens. It's okay.
Mel kept on painting.
And painting.
And painting.
And now - finally! - her NaMoPaiMo horse is done.
She writes: "Aconcagua" is a custom Altynai with roached mane and braided and taped tail, all ready for polo! He's got a lot of competitive spirit, shown in his new flicked back ears and resculpted tensed nose and mouth. 
Aconcagua is painted in oils and acrylics in a rich chestnut with insane sabino influenced manchado markings. This paint job is based off of a real horse, and no liberties were taken to spice him up - this is a completely realistic pattern! 
I think we can all agree that this was never going to be a twenty eight day paint job. Mel was right to take the time she needed to get done.
He is worth every extra minute.
Aconcagua may not be part of the official collage, but he is a proud member of the NaMoPaiMo class of 2021. Congratulations, Mel. You are a winner!
Aconcagua is currently up for auction. Please visit the Mel Miller Equine Art Facebook page for more details.

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