Thursday, March 4, 2021

NaMoPaiMo bonus events recap

It's always a balancing act trying to juggle the painting part of NaMoPaiMo with the administration part. Last year, I was able to finish my Minis Painting Minis project. This year, I ran out of time.

I did a little better for Kenzie Williamson's Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge's February Photo Contest. Even though my official horse wasn't completely dry, I was able to slide a halter onto her head and take a few photos. Here she is arriving at Braymere.
The Barn Rat wants to know why her halter says 2018.
It's been that kind of year, little Barn Rat. We're just happy to have a new horse in the barn.
Thank you Lynne Penner for hosting Minis Painting Minis and Kenzie Williamson for the February Photo Contest. I really love these extra events that encourage people to play with their horses.


  1. It took me a second to relise that the little girl was the barn rat, but when it clicked it made a lot of sence I'm sure many of us were barn rats at some point (or you know still are)

    1. Historically, I haven't named most of my dolls. Instead they get titles such as Blue Western Pleasure Girl, Ranch Girl or Barn Rat. Lol.

  2. I love this so much, especially the shot with Bob outside the trailer!