Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Pictures from today's ride

I hadn't been to the barn since Saturday. This was partly because of the weather, but mostly because I couldn't bear to look at Lucy's empty stall. I didn't plan to go today either, but Mary Jo gently persuaded me to come out "just for a little bit." I didn't wear riding clothes and I didn't plan to stay, so of course, this happened.

Almost as soon as we hit the trail, the snow stopped falling and the sun came out. 
The footing was fine, so we went our "short loop" turned into a longer ride.
We rode past the junkyard on the way home, and of course, they dropped a car while we were still in earshot. Both of the mares shot forward in alarm.
Especially Scarlett.
That car dropping sound was Lucy's least favorite thing. In her honor, Scarlett and Delilah pranced all the way home.
Thanks for making me go to the barn today, Mary Jo. I didn't know how much I needed that.

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