Sunday, March 7, 2021

New pony

I had a little bit of extra money after Christmas, so I treated myself to the first artist proof of Jeanne Saar's Matryona resin. Then, since I know that packages from Russia can take as long as one hundred days to arrive, I willed myself to forget about her. It wasn't actually that hard. January and February are busy months.

Because of this, I was surprised and delighted when this little girl arrived last week. The timing was perfect. She felt like a gift from myself for surviving another NaMoPaiMo.
And look how cute she is!
I love. love, love her hair.
The sculpting, the painting... it's all so good.
I swear this isn't intentional, but I've noticed a weird trend among my pandemic ponies. It's like we're all just kind of settled in waiting for the world to get back to normal.
Thank you for my wonderful new pony, Jeanne. I couldn't be more pleased with her.

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