Friday, March 19, 2021

Pictures from yesterday's ride

Snow doesn't last long in Colorado, especially this late in the season. As soon as the storm is over, the sun comes out and everything melts away almost immediately. It's magic. But not this time. Last weekend's blizzard produced the fourth largest snow totals in Denver history, so even though it's been bright and sunny this week, the barn is still a snowy, muddy mess.

Normally, Diana is the first person to go out and see if the trails are passable. She's laid up right now so Mary Jo and I were stepped up to the challenge.
We decided to stick to the paved part of the trail, and that worked great for about fifteen minutes.
Then we came upon this little snow plow trying unsuccessfully to clear the rest of the path.
The snow didn't look too deep, so we rode around him, thinking we could go where he couldn't.
We were only partially right.
The snow wasn't deep, but it was hard and crusty and very uneven.
Neither horse seemed comfortable, so we said goodbye to the world of white, and headed back to the barn.
Oh, well. At least we tried!
I think it's going to be a few more days at least before those trails are truly rideable. That's okay. I have plenty of tack to make!

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