Thursday, March 18, 2021

Bridge building

Last month, Danielle Feldman coordinated a group order from Europe's leading supplier of model horse hardware and accessories, Blue Duck Saddlery

Since I hadn't been making a lot of tack, I reluctantly bypassed the stirrups, bits and other goodies, and confined my purchases to a pair of riding helmets and a trail bridge kit. 
My box arrived yesterday, and I wasted no time assembling that bridge.
The first thing I did was paint the wood boards with watered down acrylic paints and mod podge.
While they were drying, I assembled the body of the bridge. The 3D printed sides slotted together easily. Attaching the crossbars was a little bit trickier, but nothing I couldn't handle.
Final assembly was a breeze.
Here is my finished bridge.
It's a sturdy, attractive prop, and I am delighted to have it in my arsenal.
Thank you to Danielle for coordinating the order, and Sandra Unden for creating these wonderful items. Next time I'm buying tack making supplies!