Sunday, July 11, 2021

Learning is fun

Every year, my friend, Therese, and her family spend a month in her native Sweden. Usually, Therese's horse, Delilah, gets a vacation, too. This year, however, Therese asked if I would ride her. Of course, I said yes.
Delilah is a park-bred Morgan, but she's spent most of her life doing dressage. She's a little powerhouse of a horse and very, very forward. 
I don't usually get nervous about riding new horses, but recent events have taken some of my courage. I was feeling a little anxious about our first outing, so I asked Karen and her fast, unflappable Thunder to accompany us.
Despite my misgivings, the ride went well. 
The next one was even better. 
Since then, we've ventured into the ring and gone on rides with multiple horses.
Each ride has taught me something new. 
I can feel our partnership growing in leaps and bounds, and I am thoroughly enjoying learning how to ride this bold, little mare.
I am so glad Therese entrusted with Delilah. Learning is fun, at least when it is when it involves horses rather than computers!


  1. Quick question, how tall is this cute little lady?

    1. I know she's in the 14 hand range... Maybe 14.3? She looks and rides bigger.

  2. Love the lip raised pic!
    Adah Richards

  3. she is stunning, your super lucky