Monday, March 29, 2021

Please, buy me a coffee

I love blogging, but it doesn't pay well, at least not the way I do it.
Mostly, I'm okay with that, but every now and then, I look at that pageview counter and think that surely there must be a way to change some of those clicks into dollars.
Blogspot offers a built in solution, but that involves placing ads for random products onto my blog. I just can't.
Patreon is another option.
I've had several people suggest this to me over the years, but the timing never felt right. 
Last summer, several artists and the Mares in Black podcast launched Patreon accounts. The reaction was mixed, but overall, better than I'd expected. I set up a Braymere Custom Saddlery Patreon account, but never did anything with it. As much as I'd like to get paid for my work, I still wanted to keep the blog public.
Last week, I was reading a new post on Christine Sutcliffe's Last Alliance Studios blog. She mentioned that she had added a Ko-Fi button to her blog's sidebar. This allows readers to easily donate a small sum of money  - "buying a coffee" - as a thank you for the post.
I immediately bought her two coffees.
Then I added a Ko-Fi button to my own blog. I hope all of my fellow hobby bloggers will follow suit. 
Writing is work and producing content on a regular basis is hard. I (mostly) don't mind doing it, but if the Braymere blog is important to you, please consider buying me an occasional cup of coffee.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much. I hope you will also consider adding this feature to your blog. I know I would love to buy you a cup of coffee!

  2. I'm delighted you discovered it the same way I did: through the Last Alliance! I'm even more pleased that even though I don't drink coffee, now I can deal in it. :)

    1. I heard about it last summer, when everyone was talking about Patreon. I meant to investigate further, but never did. Christine reminded me, and when I saw how easy it was to buy her a coffee, I decided I needed to add that to my blog.

  3. I can't get your button to work...