Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Performance Spotlight--Other Games, Part Two

Today's post describes two more good Other Games options for your slow moving model. The first is the Boot Race. Unlike the timed events I discussed Tuesday, this class is exactly what its name implies--a race. All the horses are in the arena at the same time and the first one over the finish line wins.

The class starts with all the horses and riders lined up on one side of the ring.
Each rider removes one boot and gives it to the ring steward.
It's kind of fun to see all the unusual socks people are hiding under their boots!
The ring steward takes all the boots and piles them up at the opposite side of the arena.
At the starting signal, the horses and riders "sprint" across the ring to the boots. Trisha's ring is not very large and she isn't into mass chaos so she runs this class entirely at a walk. However, it could just as easily work at a trot or canter.
When they reach the opposite side of the arena, the riders dismount and retrieve their boots.
They put their boots on...
and climb back on board.
Then they turn the horses around...
and sprint to the finish! This is a great class for models--it's easy to understand and doesn't take a lot of props.
The second class is the Egg and Spoon class.Egg and Spoon is a classic eliminations event. The class is run in a traditional rail format. By that I mean the horses perform on the rail as a group. They are asked to walk, trot and canter (not necessarily in that order!) and then reverse and walk, trot and canter in the other direction. Before the class starts, each rider is given an egg and spoon. The rider is required to balance the egg on the spoon without actually touching the egg with her thumb. As soon as the rider drops the egg, she is asked to come and stand in the middle. The last rider to drop her egg wins.
The beginning of the class is always pretty crazy as there are a lot of horses on the rail at the same time and steering can be a problem!
Not surprisingly, this is a class where the Western riders often shine. Their horses are used going in a nice slow jog and are accustomed to being ridden with one hand. This girl came in second, but I'm not sure she isn't cheating just a little bit with her thumb. I didn't notice it at the time (ack! and I was supposed to be one of the spotters) but it's kind of obvious in the pictures...
The class winner was Rylie and her nice bay horse, Dragon. No loping pictures to share. The last two riders only managed a couple lope strides before the eggs came crashing down!This is definitely a class that's much easier to do with a model horse than a real horse!


  1. Mind if I snag your photos for reference Jennifer? :)

  2. Help yourself! I have no problems with people using my photos for live show reference. All I ask is that you do not repost or republish them anywhere.

    (And now I totally want to know which class you're thinking of setting up this Saturday...)

  3. Here I am scouring the internet for both Toilet Paper Pairs and Boot Race pictures... I should have known google would send me to you! I'm assuming that (as you usually say) I can use these for show references? Thank you so much for the great step by step pictures!

  4. Oops, I should have read the above first! Thanks for sharing your pictures!