Sunday, July 30, 2017

Best Customs Contest

Introduced in 2015, the Best Customs Contest is a recent addition to the BreyerFest lineup. Hobby artists are invited to enter their best customized model in one of five divisions. Three finalists are selected for each division and displayed in the Artisan's Gallery throughout BreyerFest week. The five divisions were Best Theme, Best Custom for Performance (shown with tack and rider), Fantasy, Excellence in Finish Work and Most Extreme Custom.
This year's theme was "Good Things Come in Small Packages." Not surprisingly, all the finalists were minis. I was especially taken with Christina Riley's teeny tiny Suffolk Punch, who'd started life as a Mini Whinny.
The Performance finalists included Lauren Hoeffer's Pony Express Flash, 
Lauren Wood's cantering Cleveland Bay...
and Leah Korper's awesome Roboclop. 
This versatile model has two separate manes and tails, making him perfect for both English and Western events.
The Fantasy division consisted of a Kirin by Gretchen Glover, Poseidon's Horses by Sovae Art... 
and Tiffany Purdy's stupendous hippocampus.
Although I'm not usually a fan of fantasy models, I absolutely love Troutany. She is just so delightfully fishy!
photo by Tiffany Purdy
Onto Finishwork! The finalists here were Karen Zorn's Valegro,
Jennifer Kroll's Bobby Jo...
and Melanie Miller's Shannondell.
This was another one of my favorites. Just look at all the itty bitty hairs!
Last but certainly not least, the Extreme customs included a lying down pony by D'Arry Jone Frank,
a jumper by Laura Skillern... 
and Kylee Parks' giant Shetland pony, Toadstool.
Can you believe this guy used to be a Wixom? He is amazing.
photo by Kylee Parks
On Saturday night, everyone crowded into the Artisan's Gallery...
to hear Breyer's Stephanie Macejko announce the winners.
The Theme class was won by the Carissa Kirksey's adorable chestnut pony. Lauren Hoeffer's Pony Express entry claimed the Performance title...
and the Gretchen Glover's Kirin won the Fantasy grouping.
Melanie's Clydesdale was victorious in Finishwork...
and Kylee's "little" Toadstool was the big winner in Most Extreme.
Congratulations, everyone! 


  1. The Chinese Qilin was a Midnight Sun by Gretchen Glover. Poseidon's Horses were by Sovae Art & started as CM Classic Andy, Cantering Stockhorse, & Black Beauty (if I remember right). The mini Bronco was a G3 Rearing Andalusian & I *think* he was by Mindy Young. The spunky mini palomino pony who won the Theme division started as a G2 Shetland & she is my creation! :) Her name is SWF 101 Lbs. Of Fun, aka Honey! & that is me on the end in the hat with the camera. ;)

    1. Congratulations and thank you so much for the information! I will update the post.


    2. Thank you thank you! :) & you are very welcome! You filled in a couple of my blanks too, so thank you back!

  2. What did the jumper start life as?

    1. I know the head came from a Lonesome Glory, but I'm not sure about the body.

    2. LG head, Valentine barrel, and Valegro legs. ;)

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  4. I love the pony!! Toadstool is AWESOME!! 💕🐎