Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Battle of Breeds, part three

After the excitement of the Pony Breeds performance class, things settled down for a bit with two business as usual performance classes. The first was Draft Breeds.
I showed Liam Bray in draft horse barrel racing.  
He placed second behind Sandy Sanderson's circus horse, which was the only other entry. 
Longears were next. Sandy fielded a nice packing entry...
but I owned this class.
Jennibray picked up the blue with this coon jumping set-up... 
and Emma placed second with her Hide Race entry. 
Go Jose
 Onto Fantasy!
I don't own any actual Fantasy models, so I went with a pony wearing a unicorn bridle. Good enough for second place!
First place went to Sandy's over the top Day of the Dead harness entry. 
The cart was purchased at Target and improved by Sandy.
 It was really awesome.
The last class of the day was Other Breed. Sandy went with a Native American costume horse.
My entry was a little more creative. So creative, in fact, I've decided it gets it own post. Stay tuned!

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  1. I had to go look up Calavera after that. The lime green just does it! Thanks, this is like being at the show!