Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bargain Barn--Emma

Sometimes the best things in life really are free.  

Emma is a perfect example.
Emma is a Jasmine mule resin sculpted by Melanie Miller.  I won her unpainted body in a blog contest in 2008.
photo by Melanie Miller
A couple months later, a friend and I went to a mule show where I fell head over heels in love with a beautiful spotted molly.  Just like that, I knew what color I wanted my new mule to be!
Fortunately, I also knew a talented finishwork artist who can be bribed with tack.  I boxed up Emma and sent her to Illinois.  She came back looking like this.
Since then, Emma has been my primary performance model.  She has been shown five times and has won three Overall Performance Champion titles, one Overall Reserve Performance champion title, a NAN Reserve Championship, two Stone prize models and too many NAN cards to count.
Thanks again and again to both Mel and Tiffany.  Emma really is the best free mule ever!


  1. Hi Jennifer, i was wondering if i could be cheeky and ask how much you charge for a tack set? Bridle, saddle, a martingale/ breastplate and possibly boots? I really love your work! I'm not sure if my email will be attached to this comment, if not could you reply and i'll leave my email address?

    Sorry to be rude x

  2. Free is always an awesome price.

  3. Molly--Don't worry, you're not rude. I'm not really taking orders right now, but generally speaking the kind of tack you're talking about runs $300-$400. Email me at braymere@comcast.net in a couple months and maybe I'll have a slot.

    Jane and Teresa--I wuv Emma, too, and free is always the best price. I do realize that the paint was only free in the "no money was exchanged" sense and not everyone has Tiffany on retainer. Still, we're not talking about everyone, we're talking about me, and as far as I'm concerned Emma was a FREE mule.

    Sometimes it really is good to be me. :D

  4. She really is the cutest mule ever!!!