Friday, May 30, 2014

Hits and misses, part two

Yesterday's post focused on my less successful Springamathing performance entries.  Now I'm going to talk about one of my models whose entries actually worked: my big jumping mule, Jennibray.  
Jenni's Other Performance entry was this coon jumping set-up.  This would have been better with simpler jump standards, but I think I did a really good job positioning the mule and doll.  He's watching her, she's watching him and there's no doubt in anyone's mind that she's going to clear that jump.
Good enough for second place! 
The Scene class was next.  I'd originally planned to have her crash a family picnic, but then Sandy offered to lend me the Brokeback Boys...
One thing led to another... 
And Jenni had claimed her first blue ribbon of the day.  Although I am pleased with this entry as is, I look forward to fleshing it out further with more Re-ments (yay!) and maybe another dog or two. 
Those two ribbons were enough to earn Jenni the Other Performance Reserve Champion title.  
The English Performance division was next, and it opened with three consecutive over fences classes:  Cross Country, 
and Hunter.
Although I swapped out jumps and dolls, for all intents and purposes, these entries were virtually identical.  Happily for me, they were also uniformly successful.  This is no surprise: a good jumping model will always have the edge in over fences classes.  
Still, that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.  This one, in particular, needs a lot more polish!
Jenni's last class was Dressage.  Naturally, I went with a Prix Caprilli entry.  Ideally, I would have switched her into dressage tack and used smaller jump standards.  On this day, however, this was good enough.
Jenni was named English Performance Champion...
and narrowly nosed out Karen's Roundabout for the Overall Performance Championship.  What a good mule! 

This was a good first outing for Jennibray and me.  Winning is always fun, of course, but more importantly, I discovered that I really like showing her.  She's both impressive and expressive, and even though they weren't perfect, her entries really stood out on the table.  I look forward to showing her again and again. Who knows, maybe I'll even show her at NAN...


  1. Thanks for always posting fun and inspiring stories :)

  2. Holy jumping jackasses Batman! Love the entry. And bad Tiffany for being closed minded about the Brokeback men! I once entered an English doll riding a St. Bernard. Didn't get a thing for it. I mean, what's the problem? Woof!

    1. Technically, a dog can't win a NAN card. Depending on show rules, it *could* place first or second, but NAN cards can only be awarded to equines. Because of that, a lot of judges will dismiss all non-equine entries just on principle.

      That said.... I probably would have loved your entry. Because Woof!

      Also, I should note that Tiffany is about the least close minded person you could ever meet. That's part of the reason this entry was so funny.


    2. I don't recall if the show was a NAN or not, it was back in the day where foolishness was the norm and no one cared. Probably before NAN was invented :).

      And just so you know. My "The Big Red One" red Angus bull has a NAN card. Yes, he does! You see it was a long day at the show, we're talking getting dark out when the last classes were being done. The judge accidentally pinned the Farm Animals class with NAN cards and I refused to return it!! So yes, I have the hobbys only NANed non-horse ;).

  3. I've always wanted to do Prix Caprilli with one or more of my jumping horses, but I've never done it because, like the cute mule, they'd be massively over-jumping an obstacle that small. I... guess I should just get over it? It sure worked here.

    1. In my admittedly limited experience with Prix Caprilli classes, most of the horse overjump. If you follow the link back to the class description, you'll see what I mean!

      That said, Jenni's jump is a still a bit excessive. Some judges might take exception. In truth, there are some judges who don't like to see Prix Caprilli set-ups in the Dressage class and won't place it unless they have to. This is a perfect example of an entry that might win one day and place last on the next. Either way, I'll keep setting it up because I like it. That's the most important thing.


  4. DID YOU JUST SAY 'MAYBE' TO NAN? I read that! MAYBE IS CLOSER TO YES THAN NO IS! Do it, do it, do it! (Mostly because *I* would show her at NAN, and she needs to get in my collection, *now*, *NOW*, *NOW!*) :)