Thursday, December 20, 2018


Everyone who's ever shopped at a craft store knows that it's impossible to buy only what you need. You always end up with something extra.
Yesterday, I made Liam a Rudolph halter and headband. When I was done, I posted the photos on this blog. That should have been the end of it. The set was complete. It didn't need any extra.
Then I looked at all the leftover felt, ribbons, bells and poms-poms on my desk. I thought about banishing them to the miscellaneous supply drawer. Instead, I decided to make something extra.
Oh, this is so very extra! 
I really think Liam's holiday costume is done now, but you never know. I just might think of something extra.


  1. So cute! I could see this turning into a whole skijoring set up!

  2. Danielle, that would be a cute idea! Jennifer, you do the cutest things!!!

  3. He needs a sleigh and a harness and Santa and a big bag full of toys ;)