Saturday, May 7, 2016

The biggest winner

Nyquist was the big winner in Louisville today, as he added a victory in the Kentucky Derby to his already impressive resume.
Rob Carr/Getty Images
Here in Colorado, I also scored a big win, as I added this horse to my already impressive Purdy collection.
This is Liam Bray, a Jennifer Scott Uilleam resin painted by Tiffany Purdy. 
Jenn and Tiffany aren't just two of my favorite artists, they're also two of favorite people. I am beyond delighted to own a rare Jenn/Tiffany collaboration piece.
And woo hoo! I finally have the perfect horse for draft horse barrel racing
Congratulations to Team Nyquist for their impressive victory, and thank you to Jennfer and Tiffany for making me feel like today's biggest winner.


  1. So glad you will performance show him! I redid his forelock and bridle path hoping that would happen with whomever got him!

    1. Thank you! I had no idea he'd had some work done, but I am glad. This guy needs to barrel race.

  2. He's absolutely gorgeous! Your a lucky Lady. Another amazing horse by Tiffany! :)