Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday favorites

I love seeing children in the show hall. Their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious, and every time I see a little girl talking to her model, I can't help but think, "That girl is me."
This little girl actually is me
Of course, I also realize that unruly, unsupervised children can be a serious hazard in a room filled with fragile, expensive things. Parents owe it to their fellow hobbyists to make sure their child is prepped and ready before they enter the show hall. As with everything else, planning and preparation are the keys to success.

Earlier this month, a last minute schedule change left my my friend, Erin Corbett two options: cancel her showing plans or attend the show with her four year old daughter, Olive. She chose the latter. Here's how Erin described their day:

Single parenting often means rolling with lots of last minute changes. I took Olive to her first all day model horse show today. It was only ten entrants and all OF Mini, so this was a great low risk first time. Thanks Cheryl Wood for understanding!! 

Olive was very excited and helped me pack.
She also helped me write the tags. So close.
Best show buddy. I am so very proud of my baby girl. She has been a champ the whole day. In addition to helping with packing and tags, she also helped me put horses on the tables and moved carefully through the show hall all day. Y’all are going to be seeing a lot more of this kiddo at horsey stuff.
Our biggest moment was her first raffle. She did not win the horse she wanted to win the most. She fell to pieces and cried. This was probably my fault, because I did not make it clear enough to her that putting a ticket in the cup does not guarantee it will be hers. Fortunately, she won some other prizes in the raffle and was able to switch gears and be appreciative of those. Even better, the woman that did win the Collecta she wanted the most gave it to Olive at the end of the day, as a prize for being such a good kid. She is wonderful. Thank you to Suzanne Glass for making her day and again to show holder, Cheryl Wood for accommodating us!
And thank you, Erin and Olive, for sharing your day with us. I love seeing kids in the show hall, and I can not wait to spend a day showing with Olive!

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