Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Another new saddle

Like a lot of tack makers, I am also a tack collector. I love owning pieces by artists whose work I admire, and for the last several years, one of the artists whose work I've admired most is Steffi Honrath of Germany. 
I missed out on this beautiful, draft-sized Western saddle the first time it was offered for sale. Recently, it came back on the market and this time I was able to secure its purchase. Hurray!
I love the shape of the seat and swells and the extremely clean and precise workmanship throughout. 
It also came with a bridle... 
and breastcollar, both of which are every bit as nice as the saddle. 
I am so pleased to own this set...
Of course, now that I've held some of Steffi's work in my hands, I think I also need one of her English saddles. That's something I'll be looking for in the New Year!

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  1. This horse is absolutely goregous in tack! Thank you for featuring him once again! - Horsegirl275