Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Clash of Colors Amateur Artist division

Last Saturday's Clash of Colors live show had ten halter divisions, most of which I missed entirely. That's what happens when you show fourteen models in performance.
Eleven of fourteen on the Callback Table
The only halter classes I paid attention to at all were those in the Amateur Artist ring. 
part of the Amateur Artist grey class
Clash of Colors was the third Colorado show to field an Amateur Artist division this year. This makes me extremely happy, both as an amateur artist...
two Braymere babies
and also as an advocate for painters of all skill levels.
Alex Aarons' 2018 NaMoPaiMo horse
I showed several horses, including my 2018 NaMoPaiMo project, Maeve, who went to the ring with her "I Voted" sticker attached to her halter. Oops! Fortunately, the judge had a good sense of humor!
Here's one... 
three views of the Amateur Owner Championship Callback tables. So many pretty models! 
The Champion Traditional/Classic rosette went to Fabian Rodriguez's Catalina...
with my 2017 NaMoPaiMo model, Agatha, in Reserve. 
 Fabian's other Catalina won the Champion Mini title...
finishing just ahead of this nice black Stablemate.
Congratulations, Fabian, and thank you to all the showholders who have supported amateur artists this year. It makes me so happy to see these classes flourishing here in Colorado!