Sunday, December 2, 2018

Also yesterday

My best friend, Carol, arrived in Denver yesterday afternoon, so my day started with the Battle of the Breeds and ended with Margaritas at Senor Rics.
After our meal, we had a slumber party at Carol's hotel, and I got to see the suitcase filled with Christmas presents. Apparently, advent calendars are really popular in Germany. Everyone on Carol's Christmas list got one this year.
Mine is the best.
So far I have opened day one... 
and day two. 
I have a pony and a teeny tiny curry comb. 
With Carol's blessings, I will probably be donating most of the ponies to a deserving young horse lover after the holidays, but this curry comb is staying here. 
Thank you so much, Carol. I am really looking forward to twenty three more days of pony presents!

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  1. I used to get advent calendars as a kid. But I've never seen a 3-D one!