Saturday, May 14, 2016


Springamathing is two weeks from today. I'm not judging this year, which means I should be able to show performance for the first time in two years. This would be really exciting, except that I am completely unprepared. I have exactly one entry that's ready to go, but at least it's a good one.
Yes! It's been seven years since I discovered draft horse barrel racing...
and now, finally, I have a draft race barrel horse of my own.
Let me tell you, it didn't come easily. This bridle fought me every step of the way. I spent three days working on it, which is ridiculous for a one horse/one class piece of tack.
I have no regrets.
I am extremely happy with this set-up. Liam is amazing, the bridle fits him perfectly and everything is exactly right for the event. I can't wait to put this entry on the table!


  1. He looks great. Such a fun entry. I'll have to make a driving bridle for one of my drafts soon so they can join in the fun.

  2. It's like he was made just for this event. He's so perfect for it! And that bridle is amazing! Love all the little studs in it!

  3. Why did you use chain for the reins? And do draft horses require blinders? Are they easily distracted? Thanks, Jennifer. There was a fun clip in a Budweiser commercial I think, where a Clyde was in a group of TB on the track. A hoot!This horse carries his head forward and lower as if he's reaching--or if set up, could be pulling. Love the model and your work is always perfect. Curious about the chain though.

  4. Draft Horse Barrel Racing is traditionally the last class of the day at Colorado Draft Horse Association shows. Blinkered driving bridles are required, and most riders use the side check as reins. You can read all about it here.

  5. Go to Myla Pierce's Model Horse Sales Pages ad--scroll to the bottom to see her barrel racing her drafter--in harness!

  6. oops! Myla Pearce -bad on me to spell her name wrong!