Monday, July 29, 2013

Princess unicorn

Aside from Tiffany's circus costume, this might be the most ridiculous piece of tack I've ever made.
Despite--or perhaps because of--that, I am totally in love with this bridle.  I can't stop looking at my pretty palomino unicorn.
Thanks to everyone to everyone who commented on yesterday's post.  Princess Trillium was the perfect choice.


  1. She sure was perfect!! I think that every Princess should have her own bridle with a horn on it! Great idea! She was perfect for it.


  2. Oh my gosh I NEED one of these life sized! :D

  3. Princess Trillium looks stunning, love it!
    Ohh I want one too! Any chance of any more being made?

  4. For me the amazing part is that you saw something you wanted and in a matter of DAYS, designed and created your own version of it! (Complete with all the tiny buckle and strap keeper 'bells and whistles', no less!) - WOW!

  5. That is awesome!!! She looks amazing in it when do you plan on selling the other one?? :D