Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Will work for...

Even when I'm not officially taking orders, all my hobby friends know I'm bribe-able.  I am most easily tempted with fancy resins, but small jobs can be "bought" with much smaller "payments."  

So far this week I have spent my time making new stirrups for Regan's older but still lovely dark oil saddle by Lauren Wood.
This saddle's original stirrups were much too small to accommodate a traditional scale rider's boot. 
Whenever I update another tackmaker's work, I always try my best to stay true to the original design.  This time I think I succeeded nicely.
My payment for this project?  A severed Stone Arab head. 
Teresa's Kistler girths are absolutely beautiful as is, but she'd prefer roller buckles. 
 No problem!
This time my payment is liquid in form.
And you know, it's been a long hot day and I think I am ready to partake of Teresa's bribe.  Cheers!


  1. woohoo! I have rollers!

    And you have beer :D It's a match made in heaven for both of us :)

  2. And I have GOOD beer. From Oregon. How did I know you'd pick a brew from your home state?


  3. It was a good guess... Jim liked it when I gave it to him in Tucson at NAN there last year and Jase liked it...

    When you don't drink beer, you have to trust others as being good. And I know you don't like drinking "bad" beer ;)

  4. I think I saw that severed head on a table in one of your "Arts and Crap" photos! Or maybe it was simply another horse head... ewww. ;-)

    Have no idea how you unglued the ends of that girth to add different buckles.