Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RMMHE performance pictures 1999

I've spent the day cleaning my studio.

I'm not talking about a simple clear-the-desktop-and-call-it-good type of cleaning--this has been a serious day of sorting through boxes and piles and throwing things out.

As is usually the case with me, there were a lot of stray photos amid the mess, including these from the 1999 Rocky Mountain Model Horse Expo.
RMMHE 1999 was held by Fran Lowe in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.  Although it wasn't my first live show, it was my first big NAN qualifying live show. 
My own showstring consisted of a few common original finish models, but I had a part in several of the entries in the Custom/Artist Resin Performance ring.  This is Sandy Lyles' My Beaux Cheveaux wearing a Sue Rowe saddle and BCS bridle and breastplate.
I don't know who owned this custom Breyer semi rearing mustang, but I was quite impressed with him.  Here he is in reining...
and roping!
Sandy's Beaux also showed in the roping class.  He is wearing a saddle by Carol Williams (oh, how I coveted that saddle!) and bridle, tiedown and breastcollar by me. 
 Yet another roper and more vintage BCS tack.  This customized PAM was made by Cathy Wallden and owned by my friend Trisha.  I'm not sure who made the saddle, but the boots and headgear are mine.
The next two pictures feature Western Trail entries that could still be competitive today.
I like everything about this set-up, especially that little fan! 
Like old live show photos?  There are a few more pictures from the 1999 Rocky Mountain Model Horse Expo in this post, but I still haven't uncovered any showing my Cantering Welsh Pony in action.  I guess I need to keep cleaning!


  1. Love these old photos! I'm hoping to include some oldies in my blog once I find them!

  2. I hate that kind of cleaning...

  3. These are so cool!
    Great post!


  4. I have some photos from the early 90s, would you like to have them? The are of my 1st KSMHS & others. I'll try to I.D. the showers. If you want these pics LMK
    nighthawksblues (at) windstream (dot) net

  5. Cool to see my Cone Zone obstacle again! That was a really fun show. Is that the one the Stones sponsored?

  6. Nancy--I don't think Stone was involved. It's been a loooooong time so I could be mistaken, but I think this one was entirely Fran's doing.