Sunday, July 15, 2012


Breyerfest isn't the only big model horse event taking place in Kentucky next week.  The North American Nationals (NAN) will be held at Heritage Hall in the Lexington Center in downtown Lexington from July 17 through July 19.  

Sadly, I will not be in attendance.

However, thanks to the generosity of my friend Tiffany Purdy, Braymere Custom Saddlery will be well represented in both the performance and halter rings.  If you are going to NAN and happen to notice Gizette,
Poka Tia, 
or Squee! 
standing on the show table, could you please do me a favor and take a picture?  I would be so very grateful!


  1. I don't remember seeing Gizette before; she's beautiful! Good luck to all the Braymere show string!

  2. since I only have 11 horses to show in 12 classes all spread out on all three days I'll do my best to try and take some pic's for you :)

  3. Where has Gizette been? I don't remember seeing her in your show results here, but now I do remember that YOU are her lucky owner (and I'm SO very envious)! Good luck at NAN, Jennifer! I'll be cheering for your pieces!

  4. Gizette has been living with Tiffany for the last year and a half. Tiffany wanted to get her qualified in performance so that's how that happened. She will be showing under Tiffany's name, but she's mine, mine, MINE!


  5. Now THIS is the event I would like to see... the serious hobbyists reign! :-) Too bad I can't send one of my two Lexington friends over for photos, but one is too busy and the other completely clueless about anything equine, much less the hobby (not that I'm any kind of expert myself). Hope Tiffany has time for some photos!

  6. OMG--RW! NAN 2012 is going to be viewable via webcast. Here's a link. I am so excited, Idon't expect to be out of arm's reach of my computer all day tomorrow or Wednesday!