Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Almost wordless Wednesday

Operating under the theory that you can never have enough NAN photos, here's today's second helping of performance awesomeness.  These pictures were taken by Heather Moreton Abounader (who is as talented with a camera as she is with tackmaking) and cover the "Other Performance" classes.  Enjoy!

Darrit owned and customized by Tiffany Purdy
Sugar Beet owned and customized by Debra Omel, Reserve Champion CM/AR Harness
Detail of Sugar Beet's Sicilian donkey cart made by Debra Omel
This cart was featured in the Braymere blog's first ever "Friday Favorites"
Parade entry owned by Heather Moreton Abounader, tack by Heather

Khemonahar Ali, National Champion CM/AR Parade/Circus owned and customized by Tiffany Purdy

Khurram, Reserve Champion CM/AR Other Costume owned by Jill Aman
Costume by Jill Aman
Cherchez de Bon Voyage, Reserve Champion CM/AR Scene owned/created by Debra Omel
owned by Karen Holland
Fantasma, Top Ten CM/AR Other Costume, owned by Kellye Bussey, cm Alborozo by Mindy Berg, doll by Joan Yount, tack by BCS
Bella Luna, CM/AR Scene class Champion, owned by Kellye Bussey, Eberl resins painted by Tom Bainbridge, Tack by BCS
Fandango, Top Ten AR/CM Scene, owned by Karen Holland

Darrit (with an assist from Spotted Assets) customized/owned by Tiffany Purdy, packing tack by BCS

Beach Music, custom Huckleberry Bey by Laura Skillern
shown with Camel by Tiffany Purdy (it started life as a Breyer Family Arabian mare!)

Thank you so much for allowing me to use your beautiful photos, Heather.  Looking at them is the next best thing to being there!


  1. OMG OMG! I made that custom Huck that is with Tiffany's camel! He's almost 10 years old and I don't think I've seen him since I sold him. :)

  2. Yep, Laura made the Huck "Beach Music" he is now called... he shows in Regions 6 & 7! He wears his tack very well, he qualified in Arab costume (with a Dee Crawley set) and Scene.

    The Alvaro belongs to Karen Holland as does the Mariachi Band scene (FYI only) I believe.

  3. Thanks so much for the additional information, Beth. I will edit the post!

  4. Burning question, one that I've been meaning to ask for quite some time: Can you show a horse over and over again at model horse shows, like for years, or do they reach a "limit" of awards where they must be retired? Like, if you win Champion of some division at NAN can you return the following year with the same horse and clean up all over again? Are things perhaps separated by areas of the country, where your horse(s) have won everything under the sun in AZ so you sell to someone in NH? Please explain to this noob! :-)

  5. Also, I think that Gypsy caravan is SPECTACULAR. Love it! My other favorites are Tiffany's parade Arab and the blue costume one. Magnifique!

  6. As far as NAN goes, there are no rules regarding mandatory retirements. If you want to show the same model at NAN every year from now until eternity, that is your prerogative. The only requirement to show is that the model has won a current NAN card.

    The Breyerfest Live Show is a different story. Overall Champions are prohibited from ever showing at BF again. I do not think the same applies to division champions, but I could be mistaken. Having not shown there myself, I'm a bit fuzzy on the rules.

    Tiffany's parade Arab is in fact a Morab and was made using two Sarah Rose resins--Nahar (head) and Khemosabi (body). I know all this because there's a strong possibility he will be moving to Colorado in the very near future!

  7. The costume entries were just fantastic this year. There were 3 carts that were just to die for...I just drooled....
    I want that can't have I don't have the funds though!

  8. Wow! Those wagons and costumes are incredible!
    So realistic!

  9. I have quite a few photos as well, I would love to share them with you Jennifer if you tell me where to send them!

    Vicky, I agree, that junk wagon set up was another fantastic entry. I have no idea who did that one but it was neat.

  10. I would love to see your NAN photos, Beth! You can email me at


  11. Deb Omel's stuff needs to be seen in person to be properly enjoyed...