Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rabbits and chickens and cats, oh my!

Today I am pleased to share the newest inductees into Basil's Saddle Critter Barn.  

First up is Mrs Peabody, who is described by owner Emma Eppig as a "lovely steed for pleasure riding."  
Mrs. Peabody's stablemate, Thumpette, is another a fine pleasure mount.  
Gin McDaniel's Mort is the first bird to enter the saddle critter ranks. 
Gin writes: Mort (who is a girl BTW)  is lavender silkie.  Silkies are Bantam chicken which are minature chicken from China.  They have 5 toes on each foot, black skin/wattles, blue ears, black meat/bones and their best known characteristic is that their feathers are super fluffy and soft.
Sadly, Mort passed away in April.  She is greatly missed. 
With so many different types of animals in the saddle critter barn, one should probably expect a little chaos Kaos... 
Kaos is a nine year kitty owned by Jess Polland.  Jess notes that she's "not so keen about being a saddle cat but she'll come around.  LOL."
Technically, this last critter isn't a saddle critter at all.  This is Karen Beeson's Butters wearing her limited edition BCS rat hat.
Thanks to Emma, Gin, Jess and Karen for sharing your critters with me!


  1. Saddle Bunnies!!!!!

  2. LOVE the bunnies... heck, love it all.

  3. Squeee!!! My "rat in hat" made your blog! I love all the cuties pictured! I have been planning a post about my Jennifer Buxton piece for a while now (so many ideas, so little time to blog!). I also found one of my old Sue Rowe saddles, circa 1985, so perhaps Butters and friends can be a "saddle rats" one of these days. I'll let you know!