Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still more NAN photos

In a few minutes I will be heading out to watch the draft horse show at the Arapahoe County Fair.  It promises to be a long, hot, fun  day, but thanks to Heather Moreton Abounader my blog won't be neglected.  Here's a peek at some of the best CM/AR Western Performance entries from this year's NAN.

Dancin' Queen, National Champion CM/AR All Western Stockwork Cutting/Sorting/RCH/WCH/Penning
owned and painted by Lyn Norbury

DNC Sunny Rio, Top Ten CM/AR Western Trail Stallion/Mare Stock Type, owned by Heather Moreton Abounader
Tack by Heather Moreton Abounader

Silverado Alibey, Top Ten CM/AR Western Trail Stallion/Mare Other Type, owned  by Tiffany Purdy
Deb McDermott Indian Fire resin customized by Tiffany Purdy

Spotted Assets, Top Ten CM/AR Western Trail Gelding/John, customized and owned by Tiffany Purdy

Emma, CM/AR Reserve Champion Western Trail Stallion/Mare Other Type
Melanie Miller Jasmine resin owned by Jennifer Buxton and painted by Tiffany Purdy
doll by Anne Field, Saddle by Margaret Teller, bridle, poles, saddle blanket by BCS


  1. I think the horse after Tif's Arab is owned by Annette Dean and the Hazel is Jackie Arns Rossi.

  2. the cowboy on the palomino paint cutter is one of mine and the cowboy on the Hazel is also one of mine.

  3. Awesome!
    I love western!


  4. I really, REALLY like the herd in the second photo.

  5. Me, too, Bif! They are gorgeous and frankly, the whole setup blew me away! Totally, totally realistic.

    Congrats, Jenn on Emma's big win - she looked fantastic and that was well-deserved!

    I don't know how anyone judges these things at NAN, truly. They are all SO impressive.

  6. Wow, some nice entries! Thanks for sharing pics for those of us who had to stay home this year!

    Looks like the skid boots got mistakenly put on the front legs of that lovely palomino reiner =c/

  7. You're right about those skid boots, Tracy. I missed them entirely when I chose the photo, but now that you've pointed it out, that's all I can see!

    Another reader took me to task privately for describing a couple of these photos as "some of the best CM/AR Western Performance entries from this year's NAN." On the one hand, she does have a point--there are a few glaring errors in a couple of the pictures.

    In my defense--I have been really, really busy this past week. My blogging time has been limited, and the main part of me thinks any post is better than no post. However, I do take the criticism to heart. If I don't have time to pick photos thoughtfully, is it better not to post?

    Just sort of thinking out loud here. I'm not changing the post. I do think that all of these entries are attractive, if not entirely correct.