Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NAN day two

The day got off to a great start with BFF's Top Ten in the AR/OS Belgian/Percheron class.
After that, however, things got a bit weird.  Squee! missed her class, Emma crashed a class in which she wasn't entered and Poka Tia managed not to get mentioned on a single judge's card for the second year in a row.

Oh well.   There's always next year!


  1. Bummer! Kudos to BFF

    Next year sounds good to me. :)

  2. How did Emma crash!?

  3. Emma is funny. I keep telling her she is a performance specialist, but she is convinced she's a beauty queen. Even though I did NOT enter her in the AR/OS Longear class at NAN, she still managed to find her way to the showing table where she proudly strutted her stuff.

  4. I heard BFF's name called out on the live feed this morning! I was cheering!

  5. Aww man! Oh well. Congrats to BFF!