Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Draft horse barrel racing, part two

The first three competitors in the Draft Horse Barrel Racing class held last Saturday at the Colorado Draft Horse Association Show at the Arapahoe County Fair competed mostly at a trot.  The fourth horse in the ring, however, blazed across the starting line at a strong canter.  
He maintained that gait all the way around the first barrel.
Turn and burn. 
He continued cantering through most of the pattern... 
although he did break to a trot for a few steps around both the second... 
and third barrels. 
Despite that, this was easily the fastest round in the class so far.
With one horse left to go, he looked like a clear winner. 
Oh, I remember this guy
He's a lot greyer than he was two years ago, but he's still just as fast. 
he blazed to the first barrel,
zoomed around the second,
galloped hard to the third,
made a tight turn there, 
and galloped hard...  
all the way to the finish line! 
Woo hoo!  The grey Percheron wins again!  He really is the Scamper of the Draft Horse Barrel Racing world!


  1. Wow, he is WAY greyer than he was two years ago - must live outdoors! But still just as fast, apparently. I have to admire his rider's equitation as well. I don't know about you, but straddling my couch and going fast would be hard for my thighs. :-)

    (Actually, is that Perchie a bit too chubby?)

    LOVE this event and sure wish I could see one!

    1. LOL as a percheron owner I can testify to "a bit to chubby" being a percheron's version of super in shape. Mine just look at a single blade of grass and gain 200 lbs! haha!

  2. Awesome that's really cool!
    Thanks for showing the barrel racing!


  3. Best Posts ever :)

  4. I LOVE these guys! Also loved the CM draft a couple posts back, Karma Kameleon..

  5. Some of these pictures remind me of Tiffany Purdy's Wixom custom to a cantering Comtois stallion

    That Perchie is adorable!!

  6. I like the twist on the standard event. A lot of regular barrel racers could learn a thing or two from these riders both on how to sit, and how to let the horse have their head.

  7. Drafts look so comfy for bareback! No withers or spine sticking out :)